Justin Bieber Apologizes For Paparazzi Run-In

Justin Bieber has experienced the many highs of fame, what with chart-topping albums, a blockbuster movie, sold-out tours and a dedicated fanbase. But on his 17th birthday, the star also came face-to-face with the one main drawback of being a celebrity: the onslaught of the paparazzi.

While Bieber was celebrating his birthday in Los Angeles on Tuesday, the star and his lady, teen queen Selena Gomez, were surrounded by paparazzi while leaving Maggiano’s Little Italy restaurant, Popeater reported. In the heat of the moment, Bieber gave the hungry photogs the middle finger, while Gomez shielded her face from their flashing cameras.

Bieber later took to Twitter to clear the air about the incident and apologize for reacting the way he did. “Had a great bday and at the end of the night we got surrounded by paps and I reacted in a way I know better. I’m sorry #killthemwithkindness,” he shared, adding, “It’s not always easy but I know better than to react in anger.”

Shortly after that, rumors began to surface that Gomez was shielding her face from the many camera lenses because she had allegedly been punched by an angry Bieber fan over her relationship with the pop star. The Twitter trend #sorryjustin and #sorryselena had some speculating that fans were apologizing for that one fan’s incident with the actress/singer.

But Gomez’s rep told People.com that there’s “absolutely no truth” to any of that. Photos from the night do, however, show what appears to be an injury of some kind on Gomez’s lip.


Justin Bieber sells his hair for $40,000.

The 17-years old Teenie Idol Justin Bieber sells his hair for $40,000. In the Ellen DeGeneres Show did he gave a lock of the hair to Ellen DeGeneres, on the condition she’d sell it on. The money will go to the animal rescue foundation “The Gentle Barn”. The winning bidder will meet Justin Bieber on Ellen’s Show.

Miley Cyrus on Saturday Night Live


The eyes of the nation were focused on Miley Cyrus during her March 5 appearance as guest host of NBC’s Saturday Night Live.

With rare exception, she received a thumbs rating up for her debut performance on the long-time NBC fixture.

Cyrus immediately earned points for poking fun at herself. First, she had some laughs at the expense of her Hannah Montana character on the Disney Channel.

Things really swung into high gear as Cyrus belted out a tune called “I’m Sorry I’m Not Perfect.” Viewers familiar with the teenage performer’s real-life exploits had to smile when the lyrics recalled her “dressed like a dude” and that famed photographer Annie Liebowitz “tried to get me nude.” At least she hasn’t made a dirty tape or texted a dirty picture, Cyrus sang.

A certain former Disney starlet was also spotlighted in the song, as Cyrus sang that she never stole a necklace or was stopped for DUI. And the world’s former #1 golfer received mention as well, with Cyrus never cheating “on my wife like that golfer guy.”

Another segment featured a lampooned Charlie Sheen hosting his own talk show, “Winners! Duh!” Faking urine samples was a subject of conversation between the pseudo-host and Cyrus, who was portraying his guest, Lindsay.

Cyrus continued earning her paycheck when she appeared on “The Miley Cyrus Show” as the Canadian teenage singing sensation Justin Bieber. Adorned with Bieber look-alike hair and duplicating his on-stage mannerisms, Cyrus was bombarded with a string of questions from the fake Cyrus, portrayed by SNL regular Vanessa Bayer – Do you speak Canadian? Have you gone through puberty?

Her pathway to fame and fortune did not escape the night unscathed when Cyrus reflected on her formative years in the “Disney Channel Acting School.” Among the advice she doled out to children with aspirations for stardom on the Disney Channel – be the loudest person in the room and a child must have more smarts than any adult.

Some blogs have noted that Cyrus was not the featured musical guest. Instead, that honor was bestowed on The Strokes.

In all fairness, she had enough on her plate without this honor.




Kelly Osbourne: ‘Miley is a great influence’


Kelly Osbourne has denied rumours that Miley Cyrus has been a “bad influence” on her.

The National Enquirer previously reportedly that 18-year-old Cyrus’s wild partying had Osbourne’s family and friends worried that she would relapse into drug addiction after the two began spending time together on the set of So Undercover.

However, Osbourne insisted that there is no truth to the story, writing on her Twitter page: “Actually it’s the other way around Miley has us all on a health kick. Gym/early nights (sic).

“Miley is one of the most hard working respectful women I have ever worked with I am learning a lot from her… Miley and I have become really close I’m sick of all the haters judging her she made one mistake and trust me she has learned her lesson!”

Paramore Broke Up?

Paramore” announced their break up. But the whole Band don’t break up, Josh and Zac are leaving the band.

But Zac Farro is moving to the Band ‘Tunnel’.

Miley Cyrus’ Parents Selling Their Home.


Following recent news that the parents of Miley Cyrus are getting divorced, the former couple are now selling their family home.

Billy Ray and Tish filed for divorce in October after 17 years of marriage, blaming irreconcilable differences as their reason for splitting.

They’ve now just put their marital home – which is based in Toluca Lake, Los Angeles – on the market for over $7 million.

Tish has recently been seen looking for her own new home in Encino, California. It’s thought she’s interested in purchasing a $4.6 million property. It’s not known where Billy Ray is planning to move to.


Taylor Momsen annoys Scotland.

The Gossip Girl actress turned skimpily dresses rock star strutted on stage at her band’s gig in Glasgow and shouted to the crowd, “Glasgow you are looking good tonight. We are The Pretty Reckless and we have heard Glasgow is the craziest crowd in all of England.”

C.R.I.N.G.E! What a mistake to make.

As you can imagine the Scottish audience wasn’t too happy about Tay-Mom’s geographical mix up, and she was loudly booed the crowd. One student reported, “The noise from the crowd was deafening. People began to cheer as they presumed she was going to say Scotland, but when the penny dropped  all you could hear was boos.”

Taylor later used Twitter to apologise for her mistake, “Glasgow, I love you, I now have to tour Scotland (haha, sorry about the slip up!).”

Wow, as if having sit through an hour of try-hard Taylor singing with her band wasn’t bad enough she has to insult the entire audience as well. Shocking!